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Puppy Class

8 weeks - 6 month

Service Description

​Puppy Curriculum

  • What management means and why it is so important

  • Tools of management           a) Potty training                     b) dog crate training             c) leash training                     d) proper manners

  • Teaching the puppy to engage with the owner - charging the mark

  • Feeding ritual and healthy lifestyle

Orientation + Evaluation

5 Session - 45 minute duration

$260 + Tax

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Private Lessons

All ages

Fear, Aggression, Behavior Problems

Impulsive or Hyperactive

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Basic Obedience Class

4 months - Senior

Service description

Basic Obedience Curriculum

  • What a good training session looks like

  • Gestures/ lures/ adding command

  • Training sit and down

  •  Rules of recall

  • Exercise to build drive

  • Adding duration to the sit and down

  • Long line recalls

  • Walk on loose leash

  • Training the leave it command

  • Food toss recall

Orientation + Evaluation

  5 Sessions - 45-minute duration

$460 + Tax

book online

Honor's Obedience 

Course only offered after Basic Obedience

Intermediate Obedience Curriculum

  • Training the look command (impulse control)

  • Advanced Luring - why it is important 

  • Training the hand touch - fun exercise

  • Training the place command

  • Training the collar grab - why it is useful

  • Training touch pads - game

  • Training the stand

  • Public access walking drills

  • Greeting other people and dogs

  • Contact heeling

  • Recall drills & exercises

Free Orientation + Evaluation  7 Sessions - 45 minute duration


Image by Luke Besley

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